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I’m a professional contract pilot available for aircraft deliveries, ferry flights and flight training. I also provide safety pilot or copilot services on a per-day basis.

In addition to flying I provide aviation consulting and aviation software.

Atlantic ferry flights:

I am available as ferry pilot / safety pilot for Atlantic ferry flights to Europe, the Middle East or beyond. I can provide all necessary services for safe and expedient North-Atlantic ferry flights, including ferry tank installation, required survival gear and ferry flight insurance.

Buying an aircraft in the USA for export:

If you wish to buy an airplane in the USA for export, I can represent you in the purchase process. I can assist with aircraft selection, pre-purchase inspection, export requirements such as Export C of A and of course the ferry flight “home”.

If you are buying an airplane in the US for export, I can manage the completion of any upgrades that may be desired or required, such as installation of TKS anti-icing, retrofit of Garmin G500 glass cockpit, installation of DME, mode-S transponder, etc.

Aviation software:

I have developed several aviation software applications, including weight and balance for Boeing B727 and B757. I have experience with many current technologies, including real-time, database-driven web applications.


I have nearly 20 years of aviation experience including flight experience in large aircraft, glass cockpits, 2-pilot flight crew, current simulator training, extensive international experience and North Atlantic crossings. I am a licensed flight instructor (CFII/MEI) who enjoys teaching.

I am also a licensed A&P mechanic with inspection authorization (IA). I have experience with many types of aircraft and engines, from radial engines to the latest GE jet engines.

I hold a dual degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems from NC Wesleyan College.

Ward Welvaert
email: ward DOT welvaert AT gmail DOT com
home page:

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  1. Catpain Kevin permalink
    November 21, 2012 4:41 pm

    You must be the equivalent to my airline brother. I have over 15 years as an A&P, IA and over 10 years as an ATP/CFII. I went a different route, while my maintenance time was under the great red and white banner of TWA, my flying has all been Alaska bush flying and now contract flying to the military in Afghanistan. I’ve done several crossings in King Airs.

    Just wanted to say hello!

    I’ve been thinking more and more about contract flying in jets…. I haven’t decided if older airline type aircraft or corporate suits me better, but I figure I’ll have to pay for a type and start off as a right seater for a while to build jet time. I’m open to thoughts and advice from experienced guys (hint, hint?). Any words of wisdom would be great!

    Be safe, have fun and raise a glass once for me. My typical toast is:

    “Here’s to being in the air when you wanna be, and being on the ground when you hafta be”.

    Kevin Cost

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