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Piper Aztec ferry flight

November 9, 2014

When I started flying I didn’t give much thought to flying airplanes that were older than me. Now that I’m not so young anymore that’s changed. Not in terms of airworthiness – airworthiness doesn’t depend on age but on the quality maintenance – but when I’m flying a 50 year old airplane I can’t help but wonder all that she’s seen in those 50 years.

Flying a 1964 Piper Aztec across the ocean I ponder about stuff like that. I have 2 young daughters, I wonder about the first kids who took a ride in this airplane when she still had a new-airplane smell, they’re are now making retirement plans somewhere. So much history you almost wish the airplane could talk.

Many older piston-twins are returning to the US, they’re becoming too expensive to operate in Europe. Pilots prefer newer plastic planes that go faster and use less fuel. It makes sense but it’s hard to find a new airplane that flies as nice as a Piper Aztec. The Aztec always had the reputation for being one of the easiest twin engine airplanes to fly, a reputation well deserved. If you can land a C182 on a sunny day, you can fly an Aztec.

Here are a few pictures of the trip. The picture with the First Air B737s is (c) @tattuinee.

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