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Landing at Kulusuk

May 6, 2012

Sorry the blog has been sleepy for a long time, I’ve been so busy with work.  Here’s a video of my approach and landing at Kulusuk, Greenland (BGKK) during a trip I just completed.  I was flying a Beech Duchess (BE-76) from Atlanta to Europe.

I had taped the camera to the top of the dash since I was flying by myself.  The weather was perfect on this particular day for crossing the Greenland icecap and landing at Kulusuk.  Clear skies and light winds!

My speeds for landing in a Duchess are as follows:

  • Approach: 93 kts. — 1.4Vs with approach flaps.
  • Final approach: 78 kts. — 1.3Vs with landing flaps.

With high crosswinds or turbulence on approach I land with partial flaps, in that case the approach speeds are 1.4Vs clean and 1.3Vs with partial flaps respectively.

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  1. Kristin Stempf de Vargas permalink
    May 6, 2012 9:57 pm

    Surreal! When I win the lottery, you’ll be my private personal pilot!!!!

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