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Ferry pilot pictures » immersion suit for ferry flight

immersion suit for ferry flight

Putting on my immersion suit in Kuujjuaq (CYVP).

Atlantic ferry flight to Europe in a Mooney Acclaim. Putting on my immersion suit in Kuujjuaq (CYVP). I usually rent the required survival gear (raft, immersion suit, EPIRB) at Goose Bay and drop it off at Wick (EGPC).

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  1. April 5, 2011 2:10 pm

    hello ward

    I’m about to volunteer once more in a resarch camp on the greenland ice cap in july/august. As experiened poilot there is still a challange to fly to such a remote location. In the midd 90’s i made already a ferry flight from ny to lszh. But that is a long time ago …

    i’m planing a flight lszh – egmc – egpd – ekvg – birk – bgkk – bgsf with either a tb20 or an e400 (both no hf). As i have seen in the aip of iceland we can expect vhf coverage on this route at least on fl100. Can you confirm that? About emmersion suites / life rafts: i have an address in aberdeen for for this equipment on a rental basis: survival one and seawather services. You mentioned a contact in wick. Please send me the coordinates of company.
    Thanks & best regards, bruno

  2. April 5, 2011 2:46 pm

    Hi Bruno and thanks for visiting my website.

    It’s true that you can maintain VHF contact from Scotland to Iceland at FL100 and HF is not required. Around the boundary between Scotland and Iceland airspace you may loose contact but only briefly.

    Going over the Greenland icecap between BGKK and BGSF HF is not required, but below FL200 you will loose direct VHF contact for about 150 miles or so.

    I rent my survival gear from Far North Aviation:

    Finally, keep in mind if you’re planning to stop in EKVG that there are no alternates there, if you need to divert your nearest alternates are BIEG and EGPC.


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