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Looking for 3 Cessna 172s

January 21, 2011

WANTED: 3 Cessna C172s for sale.

I’m currently working on a project to purchase 3 Cessna 172s for export. The airplanes are destined for a flight school and will be used in an airline training program. If you have a Cessna 172 for sale, here are the requirements we are looking for:

  • Model: preferably C172N or C172P. C172N preferably with the upgraded engine (-D2J or -D2G).
  • Paint and interior: not important since aircraft will be painted and upholstered in company colors after purchase.
  • Engine times: prefer low time engine or sale price reflecting allowance for engine overhaul.
  • Avionics: after the sale we will outfit the aircraft with glass cockpit for airline training requirements. Currently installed G430/G530 is definitely a plus, as is a current (late model) transponder and DME (still required for most overseas ops).

Now for the most important requirement: the airplanes we are looking for MUST HAVE METICULOUS LOGBOOKS. We’re taking the airplanes to a country (Peru) where general aviation is not common, and we need the logbooks to be excellent. Some things that are perfectly legal and acceptable in the US are not necesarily acceptable here. For example, a simple mechanic’s signoff for an annual inspecion is not as good for our purposes as a signoff with attached work order/service records from a repair station.

Some examples of what we are looking for in logbooks:

  • Complete, clean and well-kept logbooks.
  • Current AD compliance record with substantiating documentation for any ADs that were complied with.
  • Substantiating documentation for most recent engine and propeller overhaul.
  • Form 8130 or other substantiating documents for components that were installed or overhauled.
  • Repair station work orders, discrepancy sheets and other service records to back up signoffs for inspections and repairs.

I understand we are looking for 30 year old airplanes, but ideally we’re looking for airplanes that are as original as possible, having only 1 or few owners, and that have been consistently maintained by only 1 or few repair stations, so that the history and logbooks are as clean as possible.

We are looking to buy the airplanes in the immediate future. If you have a C172 available for sale, please email details to ward DOT welvaert AT gmail DOT com. Please include pictures, pricing and other relevant specs/info.

Thank you!!!

Cessna 152 taking off from Lib Mandy (SPLX)

Cessna 152 taking off from Lib Mandy (SPLX)

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  1. January 22, 2011 7:33 am

    l have a C-172M, 1976, with the good engines, 0-320-E2D. Total time, approx. 4600hrs, Eng. SOH is approx. 600hrs and about 20 since Top Overhaul. Aircraft has long range tanks, recent paint, clean interior, King Nav-Com, VOR/ILS, Audio Panel, Loran C, ADF, Transponder. No corrosion, new glasses few years ago.
    This is a very good Canadian airplane.
    Priced at only $65,000.00 cdn. for this low total time frame and engine low hours….
    l will join a picture of the plane, after you will send me an email. Aircraft is hangared.
    Aircraft in Quebec, Canada

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