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Lib Mandy Metropolitano – SPLX airport

January 4, 2011

I’ve been doing a little flying in Peru lately. In Peru there isn’t much general or business aviation, but the airlines are doing very well at the moment. There are a lot of airfields in in the provinces of Peru, but not many near the capital of Lima. Avgas 100LL is only available at a few airports.

Lima used to have a small GA airfield called Aerodrome Collique (SPOL), but in 2008 this was closed down and sold for a housing development under some controversy.

Near Lima the only GA airfield now is the Lib Mandy (SPLX) airport. Lib Mandy is a nice airport with easy general aviation access. The runway is about 3,600 feet (1,100 meters) with no parallel taxiway and a fair amount of student traffic.

SPLX is a strictly visual airport with no instrument approaches. Due to the coastal weather, there is generally a light breeze and possibility of low clouds. There are some hills around the airport, and the left pattern to RY32 should be flown a bit tighter than what you would typically fly at a busier GA airport in the US. You turn base just before the 800 ft sand dune on downwind šŸ˜‰

Lib Mandy Metropolitano - SPLX airport

Lib Mandy Metropolitano - SPLX airport

Cessna 152 taking off from Lib Mandy (SPLX)

Cessna 152 taking off from Lib Mandy (SPLX)

Most of the activity at Lib Mandy is flight training. There are several flight schools with offices in Lima and flight operations in Lib Mandy and Pisco (SPSO).

SPLX airport

SPLX airport

I believe Lib Mandy officially is an uncontrolled field, but there is a control tower where you get traffic advisories, usually in Spanish only. I think this is staffed by the flight schools, but I’m not sure.

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