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Sim training

February 25, 2010

I took some sim training at RTC this past week. I took the initial simulator training for Cessna 400 series and Beech Baron. I’ve flown both airplanes before, but had never taken a simulator course in them, and I didn’t feel like I was still proficient in either airplane.

The folks at RTC are very friendly and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the simulator sessions (5 sessions for an initial multi-engine) and did a lot of training / procedures that you cannot safely practice in the actual airplane, such as engine failures at rotation and multiple systems failures. RTC also places strong emphasis on standard operating procedures and low IFR approaches.

BE58 Baron Simulator

BE58 Baron Simulator

The sims at RTC are not motion simulators but function well for procedure training. The simulators don’t fly exactly like the real airplane, but they are a fairly good replica. I found the sim to be more sensitive in pitch than the real airplane, and I also had trouble trimming the sim for “hands-off” flight. In the sim, you need to watch the attitude indicator closely, since it seems to lead the other instruments a bit more than in the real airplane. All told the sims are not hard to fly, it really only took one familiarization flight before we jumped into the procedures stuff.

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