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GE90-94B jet engine in flight

December 15, 2009

We flew from Lima to Amsterdam on Monday, in the back of a KLM airlines Boeing 777-200ER. The flight is 12.5 hours nonstop, with a good chunk of that over the Atlantic Ocean.

The airplane happens to have GE90-94B jet engines on it, which I worked on briefly when I was with GE in Durham, NC. Most of my work there was on the “small engines”, the CFM56 and CF34-10. At any rate, when I was with GE the GE90-94B was considered the “old” engine, because our shop was transitioning to the newer, more powerful GE90-115B engines for the 777-200LR and -300ER. In the airline world of course the -94B engine is still considered very “new”, when compared to engines like a CF6 or RB211 which are based on decades-old technology.

The fan on a GE90, which produces the thrust for the airplane, is made of plastic. GE calls it composite, to sound more fancy scientific and help the parts-guy at the airlines get over the pricetag when ordering new fanblades, but to a mundane person, it’s just plastic 😉

GE90 jet engine

GE90 jet engine

GE90-94B in flight

GE90-94B in flight

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